January 2020 Newsletter

A Message From Mr. Ruhl:

Greetings Emmeline Cook Families!

I'm sure many of you were either present or noticed that E. Cook had an unscheduled visit from the fire department on Tuesday, January 14th.  With it being unplanned there was much to learn from how it worked out.  First of all, all student and staff were evacuated, and all students were accounted for.  Second, Lighted School House resumed their regular activities within 20 minutes.  Last, we know that our kids know exactly what to do no matter the time or where they are.  I would like to mention, and you can do the same:

-Students should be proud that they were problem solvers.  They found the nearest door and the nearest adult

-Staff should be very proud that they emphasized the right thing to students.  In emergency our kids make the best decision they can to be safe.

I'm happy to say there was no fire. While I wasn't happy about the circumstances, sometimes good things come in strange packages. 

Commend your kids on doing the right thing.

-Mike Ruhl, Principal

From The PTO



PBIS Corner


December Social Skills Focus:

On December 20th we had our monthly Freaky Friday.  Students viewed clips from the movie, “The Grinch” and discussed what Zone of Regulation the characters were in and how they knew. 

December PBIS Raffle Winners:  

At the Monday Morning Meeting on December 16th, 2 K-2 students and 2 3-5 students were chosen to participate in the Mitten Mystery Gift Raffle.  They were given fun holiday attire to wear. They also had to wear gloves to add to the challenge of unwrapping the present they were given. They also had a pizza party during lunch time with Mr. Ruhl. 


Social Skills Tip of the Month:

Your child is learning about Communication in the Sanford Harmony social-emotional learning program. The ideas below will reinforce what we are learning in school​ there are activities to play, topics to discuss, and behaviors to role-model.  These are all designed to fit into your daily routine and provide opportunities to further connect with your child.

 Listening To Others:

  • Ask your child to demonstrate how he or she uses his or her entire body to be a careful listener.

  • Brainstorm and create a special signal to remind or reinforce family members regarding good listening.

  • Tell your child when you notice him or her demonstrating good listening skills.

Responding To Others:

  • Ask your child to share some examples of “conversation makers” and “conversation breakers.”

    • Conversation Makers:  Taking turns speaking, listening, thinking, responding.

    • Conversation Breakers:  Talking for a long time, not responding, not listening.

  • Choose a topic that it interesting to both of you, note the time, and see how long you can continue the conversation with each other.

Being Assertive:

  • Ask your child what tone of voice is used when you or your child speak up.

  • Ask your child what kinds of words are used when you or your child speaks up.

  • Tell your child when you notice him or her using a strong, respectful voice and kind words to speak up.

An important part of this program is for students to continue discussing and practicing concepts outside the classroom. Thank you for your involvement in reinforcing at home what is being taught in class!

January Celebration:

The entire school will celebrate by having a comfy/ pajama day on January 17th, and they will get to watch a movie in their classrooms as a reward for finishing the first semester strong!

Looking Ahead:



January 13th ECBC (Emmeline Cook Book Club) Kick Off
January 16th Edenbrook Visit (3rd Grade - Devermann)
January 17th Birthday Club
January 20th

-Martin Luther King Jr Day


January 23rd PTO Parent / Community Workshop 
February 2nd Groundhogs' Day
February 12th Early Release (12:30pm)
February 14th Valentine's Day
February 17th

 - President's Day


February 26th - 28th Scholastic Book Fair
March 3rd Daylight Saving Time (Spring Forward)
March 17th St. Patrick's Day
March 23rd - 27th NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)
There are no events to display

EC.BC (Emmeline Cook Book Club)

(Formally One School One Book)

On Monday, January 13th the book for EC.BC was revealed during Monday Morning Meeting:


Stay tuned and watch blue envelopes for more information throughout the next month.

Crossing Guard Needed

Calling all parents....grandparents or E. Cook Neighbors....We are looking for someone to help by being a Crossing Guard a couple mornings a week.  This is a volunteer position and and does not required to be EVERY day.  You would be needed from 7:20am - 7:50am on either Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's or Friday's.  Volunteer for 1 day a week or a combination of any of the days. If you or someone you know is interested in helping keep our students safe while crossing the street, please call the office at 920-424-0152.

Miscellaneous Information

7:30am -  Playground Supervision Starts

7:40am -  First Bell Rings (students enter building at this time)

7:45am -  Second Bell Rings (students should be in their classroom at this time)

7:46 am - 7:54am - Students who arrive late will be marked TARDY

7:55am & after -  Students will be marked UNEXCUSED, unless:

  • A parent has called with the reason for the student’s tardiness

  • A parent has walked the student in to the Office

11:20 am - 11:40 am: 

  • Recess for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades
  • Lunch for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade


11:40am - 12:10pm:

  • Lunch for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades
  • Recess for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade

2:45pm - End of the day bell rings (students need to be picked up immediately, they may not wait at the playground)

Early Release Dates: (End of the day bell rings at 12:30pm)

  • November 13, 2019

  • December 11, 2019

  • January 8, 2020

  • February 12, 2020

  • March 11, 2020

  • April 8, 2020

  • May 13, 2020

During this time of year Mother Nature sure does like to confuse us Wisconsinites and we just never know what type of clothing to wear for outdoors.  Here are some guidelines that we follow:

  • If the temperature is BELOW 50° -  A COAT IS REQUIRED
  • If the temperature is BETWEEN 50° - 60° - LONG SLEEVES ARE REQUIRED
  • If the temperature is ABOVE 60° - NO COATS ARE REQUIRED

We have decided to try and help students remember these guidelines by posting these signs at the recess doors.