March 2021 Newsletter

A Message From Mr. Ruhl:


Working On Growth Mindset

Kids and adults face multiple problems, roadblocks or flat out failures every day.  While we all have different inborn abilities and talents, we can learn from the areas in which we are not successful as well. Sometimes these unsuccessful areas are more helpful in finding and growing our strengths.  

Consider the following points adapted from educator and researcher Carol Dweck.  Kids and adults alike benefit from mentally reminding themselves of:

-I have great capacity to grow and learn 

-I know my learning process will not look like others or follow the same path

-I can learn more from every failure than I can from successes

-I can control my abilities by controlling my efforts

-I choose to take all feedback as constructive

-I will run toward not away from challenges

Our minds are wired to remain safe, avoid discomfort, or change direction at difficulty.  Take a few minutes to tell your kids and tell yourselves these affirmations.  Especially in a time of change, we all need to take a moment to kindly reassure ourselves of our capabilities.

~ Mr. Ruhl

Out-of-Attendance & Open Enrollement


Click HERE for more information! 

Virtual Book Fair will run from March 1st - 14th. 

All sales will be done via online and orders will be delivered right to your house, and shipping is FREE after a $25 purchase.


Miscellaneous Information


March 1st Scholastic Virtual Book Fair Starts
  EC BC Mystery Book Announcement
March 2nd EC BC Books Go Home 
March 5th Picture Retake Day (
March 10th Early Release (12:30pm)
March 14th LAST DAY - Scholastic Virtual Book Fair
March 25th EC BC Virtual Family Night
March 29th - April 2nd Spring Break

Picture Retakes



We are sorry to say there was a mistake made with the school photographer and picture retakes did not get taken on Friday, February 26th.  The new picture retake day will happen on:

Friday, March 5th from 8:30am  - 9:30am



EC BC (Emmeline Cook Book Club)


Our school wide book club is about to start.  On March 1st our book will be revealed to students and teachers, and on March 2nd books and a reading calendar, will come home with the oldest student in the household.  All eAcademy students will also be able to come and pickup a book.

We will be reading chapters nightly and have trivia on Friday's.  2 readers each week, who enter the trivia contest and answer the questions correctly will win some fun prizes.

At the end of the book families will be able to join the virtual family night (more information to come on this).

Here is a calendar of events for EC BC:

First page of the PDF file: ECBCMarch2021Calendar_1

Important Dates to remember:

March 3rd - Announcing the art project associated with our new book (This page will update after March 3rd with the details)

March 5th - Trivia question day (make sure to have read chapters 1-4)

March 12th  - Trivia question day (make sure to have read chapters 8-11)

March 18th - Art Projects are due

March 19th - Trivia question day (make sure to have read chapters 15-17)

March 24th - Trivia question day (make sure to read chapters 18-20)

March 25th - Virtual Family Night (more information to come)

March Hot Lunch Menu


First page of the PDF file: ELLunchMenuMarch2021

Community Events


Community Events

Ever curious about events happening in the Oshkosh community?  Click the Community Upcoming Events picture above to check out the list of events.