November 2020 Newsletter

A Message From Mr. Ruhl:


Doing Your Best is All You’ve Got

2020 will certainly teach us a few things.  Sometimes the big take away will be that the troubles of 2018-2019 were not that bad.  But if I may, let me remind you of a few of our/your accomplishments (that’s parents and schools).  Many of you are juggling multiple jobs that continue to get cut back due to less business.  Additionally, if you are reading this you are mom, dad, caregivers, and teachers to multiple kids at home. You may have even learned some new tricks to teaching and learning ‘new math.’  All of us are learning how to work around the limitations of our reliance on technology. There are so many others, I cannot begin to list them all.  

I’m sure just the thought of the responsibilities I just mentioned are enough to require blood pressure medication.  It does that for me just writing about them.  However, rarely do we ever look back on ourselves in crisis and think, “I did that perfectly, I knocked that out of the park.”  Yes, I said it, we are in crisis, and yes it is nearly impossible to knock it out of the park in such situations.  We will however look back and say, “We did pretty good, I never saw that coming but we got through it.”  The school staff and I are dedicated to giving it our best effort, and I know all parents and caregivers are doing the same.  We must remain free of judgement by our harshest critics, and especially ourselves.  Together we can get through this, because in the end doing our best is all we’ve got.

~ Mr. Ruhl 

Thank You Mr. Steve!

Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Steve! 

                 Mr. Steve has worked for the school district for 22 years!                                    The last 10 years he has been at Emmeline Cook making the   hallways shine and being a great mentor to our students. 

Thank you for service to our students and community!  You will be missed!

Caregiver Corner


Welcome to my first installment in the E Cook Newsletter!   My name is Michelle Mees and I am the behavior interventionist at E Cook.  I was a classroom teacher for about 10 years and have a masters degree in School Counseling.  I love working with children and teachers to help manage and regulate behavioral difficulties.  

With the transition to virtual learning and caregivers being thrust into the role of school manager, I’ve been chatting with families and working out systems that can help streamline school at home. I’m also available to simply be a support to you and/or your child.

Some of the district behavior interventionists and I have developed newsletters and videos with information for caregivers to help with some of the most common difficulties that we were seeing in our families at school and our own virtual learning children.  Please peruse these newsletters and watch for new ones on Tuesdays!

Caregiver Series 

1st Edition: Learning Spaces & Schedules

2nd Edition: Increasing Focus during Distance Learning

3rd Edition: All things Expectations

4th Edition: Caregiver Self Care: Filling your Gas Tank

Wishing you well,

Mrs Michelle Mees

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