October 2021 Newsletter

A Message From Mr. Ruhl:

Many of you, I’m sure, have heard of Growth Mindset.  It has become a popular comeback to any difficulty that we may have faced.  “You just need to have a growth mindset,” This is particularly true of the last year and a half.  “I just got quarantined for the second time,”…...have a growth mindset.  You have to take care of your parents and your kids……..”have a growth mindset.”  You hit a deer with your car…………..OK, you get it.   It is all too often an overused statement that has all together lost its meaning.


Strategies for Kids, and Adults Too

While smiling in the face of adversity is a powerful strategy, we are not all the zen masters who can make that happen with any success. Having a true Growth Mindset means knowing that every experience does help us learn. For our students, it’s knowing that obstacles will come every day in the form of confusion over a new math strategy. It may be even tougher, you may have difficulty with a problem you should already know but are struggling to solve anyway.  

Real daily strategies can include the following:

-Encourage and reinforce effort in the face of setbacks.

-Tell your students’ that mistakes are the key to improving and learning. 

-Share some examples of setbacks the student has already overcome.

-Set small reachable goals, and follow up any action with setting new goals.

-If a goal is not met, encourage and show different strategies for further attempts.

-Explain the purpose of tasks so they do not self-evaluate only on success or failure, but that something was learned.

-Set the example of facing your challenges and share that with your children.

-It’s all in how you frame it…..everything is just an experience to make you more familiar and better at solving problems.

-Use the terms with kids, “I’m still working on it, I’ll get there, I’ll keep trying, I’m sticking with this.” 

(See below)

Clear examples of people with Growth Mindset:

-Major league baseball players struck out 24% of the time in the 2020-2021 year, yet they love the game.

-In that same year more than half of all shots in the NBA were missed, yet they continue.

-Lebron James hits just barely half of his shots, he continues to be one of the best.

-Thomas Edison had approximately 1000 failures in making the lightbulb and 1 success, he stuck with it.

Kids that know shortcomings are part of life become adults who are flexible and resilient.  Flexible and resilient individuals are good problem solvers. Some kids and adults are fortunate to come wired in a more growth mindset nature.  The rest of us have to take the time and energy to deliberately use strategies and language that supports our growth and resilience.

It’s going to be a great year!

~ Mr. Ruhl

From Your E. Cook PTO

Walk with a Doc to E. Cook continues every Monday and Wednesday!

Starting at the corner of Murdock and Hickory at 7:15, meet us anywhere along the route to walk to school with your school family!  We will cross Murdock at Hazel with the crossing guard and continue to E. Cook. No worries if you don't live along the route - meet us at St. Andrews at around 7:30 to join in the last portion of the walk.

Nat'l Walk To School Day:


To make sure you’re up to date on PTO efforts or to get involved, follow us on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/ecookpto) and send us an email at ecookpto@gmail.com to sign up for our listserv and periodic emails.”



Halloween Parade

Mark your calendars for one of the student's favorite activities of the year....

The Halloween Parade!  

On Friday, October 29th students will be allowed to dress up in their Halloween costumes (NO MASKS) and parade through each of the classrooms and then outside past the parents!

We are asking that parents line up outside the front doors at and the students will walk out of the gym and then back into the school.  After the parade, students will go back to their classroom to enjoy an end of the day party in their classroom.  More details will come closer to the day in the weekly email.

Miscellaneous Information

The Salvation Army - Seasonal Assistance Program


Wednesday, Oct. 6th Nat' Walk to School Day
Thursday, Oct. 7th Kindergarten Field Trip
Monday, Oct. 11th Walk With A Doc
Wednesday, Oct. 13 Early Release
  Walk With A Doc
Monday, Oct. 18th Walk With A Doc
Wednesday, Oct. 20th Walk With A Doc
Friday, Oct. 22nd  NO SCHOOL
Monday, Oct. 25th Walk With A Doc
Tuesday, Oct. 26th  Spooktacular Book Swap
Wednesday, Oct. 27th Walk With A Doc
Friday, Oct. 29th Freaky Friday
  Halloween Parade
Thursday, Nov. 4th  Picture Retakes
Sunday, Nov. 7th  Day Light Saving Time (Set clocks back 1 hour)
Wednesday, Nov. 10th Early Release
Thursday, Nov. 11th Veterans Day
Friday, Nov. 19th Popcorn Sale
Wednesday, Nov. 24th NO SCHOOL
Thursday, Nov. 25th Thanksgiving / NO SCHOOL
Friday, Nov. 26th NO SCHOOL


School Communications


Here are the following ways we stay in touch with you:

 - Tuesday email Blast:  EVERY Tuesday an email will come out with weekly reminders and important information that families should know)

 - Monthly Newsletter:  Around the first of each month a newsletter will come out with information on thing happening around the school, hot lunch menus and an updated calendar.

 - Blue Envelopes: Nearly every week a blue folder will come home with important paperwork that we would like parents to see.  These items could be anything from permission slips, to flyers, to fundraiser information.

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**Please note that milk is included with the breakfast and hot lunch.  Should a student choose to have a milk with their snack their lunch account will be charged $.40 for each time they take a milk.

If your family would like to apply for free or reduced meals for the current school year, please download the instructions and application below.  Completed applications can be returned to your child's school or mailed to the Food Services Office at 375 N Eagle Street Oshkosh, WI 54902.

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October Menus:




Free Fruits & Vegetables...

Community Events


Community Events

Curious about events happening in the Oshkosh community?  Click the Community Upcoming Events picture above to check out the list of events.