Emmeline Cook Weekly Updates - 9/27/2022

Dates To Remember:

Wednesday, September 28th - Walk w/ A Doc

Thursday, September 29th -Picture Day (More Info below)

Friday, September 30th - Cougar Time! (More Info below)

Monday, October 3rd - Walk w/ A Doc

Wednesday, October 5th - Nat’l Bike to School Day

Thursday, October 6th - Girl Scouts visits start (More Info below)

Monday, October 10th - Book Swap & Walk w/ A Doc

Wednesday, October 12th - Walk w/ A Doc

Thursday, October 13th - Girls Scouts & Kindergarten Field Trip

Friday, October 14th - NO SCHOOL for students

‚ÄčPicture Day Information

Picture Day will be this week on Thursday at 8am.  A paper order form was sent home two weeks in blue envelopes, should you need another one please have your child as their teacher.  If you would like to order online you can do so HERE.  If you need an order sheet BEFORE Thursday please email Mrs. Vis.

Girl Scouts Are Coming to E. Cook

Starting Thursday, October 6th the Girl Scouts will be coming weekly until the end of December.  All girls in grades Kindergarten - 5th Grade will be able to attend if they wish (it is not mandatory).  They will get to spend their recess on that day with the Girl Scouts working on a project.

Masterpiece Art is Back!!!

Have you heard of Masterpiece Art?  We are so very excited that it is back!  We have not had Masterpiece Art since before the start of COVID.  It  is a great program that our students get to experience.  Once every other month a volunteer comes into the school and teaches the students all about an artist and what they are known for.  This month our volunteer is Heather Pinnow and she will be teaching the students about Michelangelo and then they will get to create their very own mural by laying on the ground under their desks like Michelangelo did with the Sistine Chapel. Please see HERE for more information.

Did someone say “It’s Cougar Time!”

Cougar Time is not actually new…it was formerly known as Freaky Friday.  Cougar Time! Is a part of the Cougar Way (PBIS), you can read more about that HERE.

If you are new to our school please see the information below for a description of what Cougar Time! actually is and how it operates. Our first Cougar Time! will be this week on Friday, September 30th.

What is Cougar Time!? Once a month at your child’s Cougar Time! meeting, he or she will join their multi-age group and teacher leaders to participate in community building activities and social skills practice.  They will  stay with this group of students and teacher leaders throughout their time at E. Cook. 

Why do we do Cougar Time!? This gives students the opportunity to to work and learn with other aged peers, connect with other adults, and build their social skills.

Cold Weather - Outdoor Dress Guidelines

Mother Nature sure likes to keep us on our toes!  One week it is so hot that merely sitting you break a sweat, and the next it is cold and raining, or how about a combo, cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon! With the weather bouncing back and forth it is hard to know what to send your children to school in for outdoor recess.  Here are some guidelines that we have come up with to help guide your decision:

  • If the temperature is Above 60 degrees, kids do not have to wear coats

  • If the temperature is 50 - 60 degrees, kids should have long sleeves or a sweatshirt

  • If the temperature is 50 degrees or Below, kids need to wear a coat

*Every child MUST go out for recess, unless there is a doctor’s note. If a child comes to school without the appropriate clothing they will still need to go out for recess.

*There are only 2 reasons we will not have recess:  If it is raining or if the temperature is below 10 degrees!

Community Events

For other events that may be happening in our community, please CLICK HERE